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Clo Bourgard



Born in Lisbon in 1970, from an early age she devoted herself to Art and completed the course of arts at the Antonio Arroio Art School in 1991.She also attended from the Art History of art course of the Lusíada University (Lisbon, Portugal), and from the Conservation and investigation of Sculpture Course at Institute of Heritage Sciences / Rainha D. Leonor Institute (Lisbon, Portugal). She also holds a diploma in Heritage Management from the National Cultural Center (Lisbon, Portugal). Additionally, she took several other courses, namely a Sculpture Course with Master João de Brito and a Course of Artistic Installations at Escola Nestart School (Lisbon. Portugal)

She has worked as director of an Art Gallery before becoming a full-time artist, developing research in the area of materials and resins in her studio in Estoril, where she paints and sculpts. Her work is considered to be Expressionist according to the Curator of the Millenium Foundation, and it is represented in several private collections and Museums. During the last 20 years, she took part in more than 50 individual and collective exhibitions, both at national and international level. She was invited to give an interview on the subject of the exhibition “dangerous connections”and “ macho alfa”by newspaper Expresso. enterview pour l'association portugaise d'art ALFA.
She is Currently doing an artistic residency at Champalimaud Foundation until 2022.